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      We provide a large variety of high quality generator sets to help electrical power needs around the globe.

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    1. Diesel Generators
    2. Diesel GeneratorsWestinpower quality classic open type diesel generator sets are suitable for a large range of back-up power needs.
    1. Gaseous Generators
    2. Gaseous Generators Westinpower newly designed high quality gaseous generator gets is compatible with different types of gas, such as natural gas.
    1. Containerized Generator Set
    2. Containerized Generator SetGood rustproof performance is guaranteed by using anodized aluminum hinges and specially processed screws and bolts.
    1. Generator Truck
    2. Generator TruckEasy and convenient operation, suitable for various situations.
    1. Silent Generator Set
    2. Silent Generator SetWith residential silencer, exhaust noise from generator is excessively reduce.
    1. Zhuhai Jinwan Offshore Wind Farm
    2. Zhuhai Jinwan Offshore Wind FarmZhuhai Jinwan Offshore Wind Farm is currently the largest offshore wind farm in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. With 5,300,000,000RMB of investment, the wind farm equips 55 wind generating set, with total power capacity up to 300,000kW, the expected annual power production to the grid is 729,000,000kWh.
    1. Power Station in Indonesia
    2. Power Station in IndonesiaThe power station is located in Tebing Tinggi, Kepulauan Meranti, Indonesia. By combining multiple generator sets, the power station is established and then connected to the power grid to provide electricity to surrounding cities.
    1. Beijing Sinnet Data CenterDiesel generator set is deployed next to the data center building, and assembled in containers. Containerized generators are arranged in two floors, 5 containers at each floor.
    2. Biogas Generator Set in MyanmarCharoen Pokphand Group is world’s leading company of agriculture and husbandry. The group has invested a standardized and industrialized broiler farm in Myanmar, which applies biogas generator set.
    3. Huawei Huzhou Data CenterHuawei Huzhou Data Center is located in the high-tech zone of Huzhou City. The generator set equipped in the data center applies TC QSK60-G21 engine, DSE8610 synchronizing & load sharing control module, and DSE8004 graphical remote overview display.

Westinpower offers professional customization services, complete after-sales services and technical support! For any malfunctions or component damages caused by manufacturing or assembly errors, design or material flaws, technical supports and spare parts are offered for free. Our engineers will arrive ASAP to help fixing your equipment. All spare parts are offered at cost price. Our engineers will arrive ASAP for on-site troubleshooting.

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Global OEM Agent

Apart from purchasing generator engines from world's renowned suppliers to custom-manufacture generator sets for customers, Westinpower also serves as a global OEM agent for these generator engine manufacturers, as you can see the brands below.

  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent
  • Global OEM Agent